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These wood sunglasses are push men’s style a step further. Handcrafted, eco-friendly and sustainable, these shades come with UV400 polarized lenses. Nothing compares to it, period.


Ajax - Wood Sunglasses
Ajax. It’s like having an Ace and a Jack in your hand; it’s a pretty great starting point. From there, anything is possible. This wardrobe essential will provide you with...
Big Slick - Wood Sunglasses
With a Big Slick, you are sure to look great, and you might end up winning the pot! This vintage inspired item offers you the sophisticated style you have been...
Money Plays - Wood Sunglasses
There is no substitute for authenticity. You are the real deal. These stylish sunglasses are not just a trend; they bring out your classic, yet unique fashion sense. Strong, timeless...
Ram-and-jam - Wood Sunglasses
You are ramming and jamming, bro! It’s not that you are aggressive; you are simply bold. You are always ready to raise the bar again and again, because you have...
Satellite - Wood Sunglasses
You won, and you will be back to win again. You don’t take anything for granted but you know that with hard work, you can always reach your goals. These...
Wild Card - Wood Sunglasses
Adaptable, different, yet always yourself. These sunglasses are the eyewear of choice for the few who can make the best of any situation… and know how to have fun along...
Zombie - Wood Sunglasses
The perfect poker face! No one can tell what will be your next move. After all, you are a pro. And just like the pros, you are effortlessly cool… especially...
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