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What to Wear to Diner En Blanc

As our three part blog entries all about Diner en Blanc, we are bringing to you the last entry. Last and arguably not least we are here to tell you What to Wear to Diner en Blanc. Now some may think they can wear any white outfit and be good to go, but Diner en Blanc is really a whole experience and it’s important to be dressed your best. It’s really a great event to show off your style and we are here to help. There are going to be many photos taken at such an event and it really is a great place to network and meet new people, so it’s important to dress to impress and make yourself memorable. Here is the most important tips and essentials when dressing for such an event like Diner en Blanc.

Group of people wearing their white outfits at Diner En Blanc                source: dailymail.co.uk

Do’s & Don’t s

The first and most important DO for Diner En Blanc is of course to be wearing all white. This is a very strict rule that they have to keep the tradition of Diner En Blanc going. If you break the rule you will not be invited back. All white accessories are expected as well. This task may seem easier for women but don’t give up your search men, there are tons of men's accessories out there if you look hard enough. Lots of men don’t realize that even their belts, shoes and watches must also be white, but it’s important that you keep that white on white.

 Man wearing all white


Another important DO is to make sure you aren’t wearing just any old white shirt. This is a elegant/formal event so you must dress the part.This may be a picnic but it’s an elegant upscale version of one, where casual attire is something not welcomed. This is a great chance for you to experiment with your fashionable side and really dig deep. This is the perfect opportunity for you to wear something you wouldn’t usually wear and step out of your comfort zone. Originality is encouraged at Diner En Blanc so don’t be afraid to really step out.

 People eating at Diner En Blanc source:huffingtonpost.com

Some specific things to avoid would be any running/athletic type shoes. Although they might be comfortable, you will be sitting to eat so don’t be afraid to get out your nicer shoes. Beauty is pain. Other things to avoid wearing would be anything too sloppy or casual. Diner En Blanc is all about the visual appeal and each and every guest makes up that pretty package.

Things To Keep in Mind

Have no fear, we have also come up with a couple different approaches of how you can go about this all white look. Now for women it is usually a lot easier to get many different looks for such an event, but men’s fashion can be just as versatile and creative if you have the eye for it.
For a men’s outfit the accessories can really be the game changer. Especially with all white you want something to help you stand out from the crowd. Although silver and gold jewelry are the only types of colors allowed at this event you can still play around with other accessories, such as; ties, bow ties, suspenders, cufflinks, pocket squares, lapel pins and even some tie bars. The options are really endless.

Men dressed in white for diner en blancsource: blog.indochino.com

It’s important to consider that you will be carrying your things, and walking to the location for the event, so some comfort is required. We want you to be able to enjoy your night to the fullest, so choose wisely. Another important thing to consider is the weather. Although this event takes place in the summer it’s still possible to get rain or even colder temperatures. Because this event takes place no matter what the weather it’s good to be prepared for anything. It’s always a good idea to layer as you can remove a layer or add a layer depending on what the weather is like. Don’t forget a white or clear umbrella or a poncho, just in case mother nature isn’t on your side that night.

Where to Buy an All White Outfit?

After all these great tips we would like to gift you with the best tips of all; where you can purchase your all white outfits. Because this is only an annual event it’s clear that many people don’t want to go above and beyond and spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy new outfit. Here are some stores to hit up if you're looking for something cheap that will do the trick; Jc Penney, H&M, Old Navy, Joe Fresh, Second Hand/ consignment shops etc... White is a summer color so it should not be a hard find at any of these stores. And for the main event of course you are probably wondering where you can get your hands on some great white accessories, well we’ve got you. We have created an all white line just for Diner en Blanc complete will all your white accessory needs for this event. We are selling a complete box set but also separates for great prices. Check them out here!

 Parlour club accessories Source: parlour.club

That concludes our guide to picking the perfect all white outfit for Diner En Blanc! We wish you the best of luck hunting for the perfect outfit so you can have the most amazing night. With these tips you should be looking like the most stylish person there. Finally if you do find yourself at this awesome event please make sure you stop by our booth and say Hi. We have some pretty cool things up our sleeve that you don’t want to miss out on.

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