• Jul 14, 2016
  • by Alyssa Colpitts

Now that you have confirmed your attendance to the Diner en Blanc near you, your next question will probably be; “ What do I bring to Diner en Blanc?”. Well don’t you fear because, again, we’ve got your back! Today we have compiled all the Diner En Blanc essentials for you into one perfect packing list. This is your chance to cross something cool off your summer bucket list and impress your friends with your rad packing skills. By following this list you shall be completely prepared for your night in white! 

montreal diner en blanc             source: fr.canoe.ca

1. Table & Chairs 

Each guest is required to some diner essentials such as a table and chairs, to sit and eat at. More specifically they request that guests bring a square folding table(between 28 to 32 inches) and two white chairs, to make sure everyone matches.But there is no need to worry about having a white table as it will be covered with the white table cloth. Obviously it’s key to bring something light and easy to carry as each guest has to bring their own things.

Tables at diner en blanc       source: followmefoodie

2. Table Setting 

Secondly you must also bring a white tablecloth to of course match with everything else. Nothing says formal dinner like some nice white candles to set the mood ,and it may be a good idea to even bring a white umbrella as this event still takes place no matter what the weather. Also don’t forget some nice white cloth napkins, NOT cream or ivory. 

Table setting at diner en blanc                                      source: Hamptonroads.dinerenblanc.info

3. Food

Of course for Diner you will need to prepare yourself a meal, or sign up for a catered meal which is often an option. This is a formal event so PB&J sandwiches may be frowned upon. Instead go with some other great Picnic food options that are a little more formal. Don’t forget sharing is always encouraged so maybe bring some extras to share with your table mates. Food can be a great conversation starter. It’s best if you bring your food in a white picnic basket to go along with everything else. Other basic things you need to bring are REAL plates and utensils; no plastics, as this is a formal event and not a backyard barbecue. 

Basket of food at Diner en Blanc                 source: Designbyoccasion.com

4. Drinks

Now we all know that it ain’t much of a real party without some drinks. Many people choose to bring wine, champagne etc.. but that is all your choice. Just remember that your drinks can’t include hard liquor or beer, sorry to say , but you can never go wrong with a nice bottle of champagne. Along with drinks you’ll need to bring some proper glasses to go along with your drink of choice.

Diner en blanc drinks          source: foodboozeshoes.blogspot.ca

5. Other

This category includes some more essentials that will ensure your night is as amazing as possible. It is a great idea to bring a camera along with you so you can take some cool shots of your amazing night. Secondly, don’t forget your sparklers, make that lots of sparklers. After everyone dines together there is a beautiful sparkler moment to get the party started. It’s also important to bring some garbage bags for you clean up after your night is over. To ensure that Diner En Blanc can keep happening everyone must clean up after themselves to make sure everything looks as it did before. Last but not least don’t forget to pack some proper dining etiquette to impress everyone with.

Sparklers at diner en blanc      source:dinerenblanc-lenzo

There you have it, the complete list of what to bring to Diner En Blanc. This white party is sure to be a blast wherever you are and whoever you are with, by following this simple list it will help your night to run along much smoother. Now you are almost fully prepared for an awesome night ahead, except their may be one last question on your mind, “What Do you Wear to Diner En Blanc?”