• Jun 19, 2016
  • by The Dealer

Bow ties are a super cool accessory, but for you to look your best while wearing one, you must master tieing one. Not only is knowing how to tie a bow tie an amazing skill to have but you can show off to everyone else because now you know how! Keep scrolling to get the very best and super simple step by step on the bow tie knot!

Step 1- The Hang 

To get this step just right you must hang the bow tie around your neck so that one side of the bow tie is hanging lower than the other. I would suggest about an inch lower than the other. 

bow tie knot infographics step 1 of 9 | Parlour.Club

Step 2- The Cross Over 

The second step is pretty self explanatory, all you have to do is take side that is hanging lower and then cross it over the other side of the tie. 

bow tie knot infographics step 2 of 9 | Parlour.Club

Step 3- The Loop

For the third step after you've crossed the longer end over the shorter one, you must then bring the longer end up and through the loop toward your collar. 

bow tie knot infographics step 3 of 9 | Parlour.Club

Step 4- The Double Over

Step four is also simple, just take the short side and double it over itself to form the front base loop of the bow tie. 

bow tie knot infographics step 4 of 9 | Parlour.Club

Step 5- The Pull Over

Next you must take the long end which is up toward your collar and pull it over and down so it is in the center of the doubled over side of the tie. 

bow tie knot infographics step 5 of 9 | Parlour.Club

Step 6- The Second Double Over 

Now you are going to take the long side which you just pulled down and centered and double over that side as well to form another bow shape.

 Bow Tie knot step 6 of 9 | Parlour.Club



Step 7- The Pull Through

Taking the bow shape you just made, pull that side through the loop behind the bow tie. This will form your center knot. 

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Step 8- The Tug

And finally you just have to tug on each of the looped ends to adjust and tighten your bow tie, to your liking. Just make sure your bow tie and straight and comfortable!

bow tie knot infographics step 8 of 9 | Parlour.Club

The Final Product!

And there you have it! You just tied your very own bow tie, now don't you look just dashing! Congrats now go on and show all your friends your new skills, you're allowed to brag just a little bit.  
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How to tie a bow tie Step by Step Infographics | Parlour.Club