• Jul 07, 2016
  • by Guest Blogger

Gentlemen are a rare species today, and that is the perfect reason to reward them for their special day. We define the notion of gentlemen as men with of good conduct, and although their style has changed over the years, that class and dignity that were attributed to them remains. So, since a top hat and a pocket watch are no longer great choices for birthday gifts for gentlemen, what to buy for modern men of good conduct and exquisite style? Here we will present you with some ideas. Feel free to “steal” them from us or to use them as a starting point that will help you to come up with something even better.


Wood Sunglasses

Wood Sunglasses on wooden table | Parlour.Club

The range of men’s fashion progress and increased awareness of the importance of preserving this planet has led to an amazing trend of wood sunglasses. Every modern gentleman would want to have one of these handcrafted and sustainable accessories, with incomparable UV protection. Another perk is that because of their natural look, they can combine well with almost every style.


Matched Men’s Fashion Accessories

Matched men's accessories box | Parlour.Club

Since the dapper look is again all the rage, every man of style will be thrilled with a combo of matched men’s accessories. Depending on your choice, that pack can contain a neck tie, tie clip, pocket square, cufflinks, bowtie, lapel pin, etc.


Coffee Machine

men in suit holding a cup of coffee | Parlour.Club

Coffee has became much more than just a beverage, it is a potion poured from the very fountain of life to give you strength to go through the day, it is a potion that binds people in friendly conversations, or a reason to take a break from a hard day. So, bring a smile to your favorite gentleman’s face by giving him a Nespresso coffee machine, so that he can enjoy a freshly made cup of coffee with the richest aroma there is.


A Business Card Case

Metal Card Holder | Parlour.Club

If there is one thing that tech was not able to overcome, that is the supremacy of business card. When someone hands one to you, it feels more professional than when he signs his name and data on the bottom of an e-mail. Just remember the American Psycho’s reaction to a perfectly designed card: “Look at that subtle off-white color. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my god, it even has a watermark”. If you have a businessman with plenty of these in his wallet, a business card case is the ideal gift.


A Grooming Kit

Men grooming kit on a wood table | Parlour.Club

Have you heard about the expression “manpering”? Well, you should. It was about time for men to get a bit of beauty and skincare of their own, and manpering is all about skin, hair, and beard care and spa treatments for men. Endorse this trend by getting your gentleman a grooming kit with all the necessary items (shaving cream, moisturizer, beard oil, etc.), or even taking him to a full spa day.


Cocktail Making Class

The world has not been so fascinated with cocktails ever since the movie Cocktail (1988) when Tom Cruise shook drinks and broke hearts. We’re sure this gift won’t leave even the most cold-hearted gentlemen indifferent, since it will unlock them the path to women’s hearts and men’s admiration.



Men in suit in front of a computer | Parlour.Club

New age requires new interests, and many men today are using gadgets for both their business and private life. With the wide range of available gadgets, you will surely find something that will suit your gentleman (e.g. fitness tracker, GoPro camera, android gaming controller, pocket projector, Polaroid snap, Bluetooth speakers, self-stirring mug, etc.).

Remember that the greatest gifts of all have a background story. Knowing the man you are buying a gift for and understanding his interests will lead you straight to the ideal present.


Peter Minkoff - men's lifestyle editor at HighStyleLife magazine.