Diner en Blanc Old Port, Montreal
  • Jun 29, 2016
  • by Alyssa Colpitts

If you've never heard of Diner en Blanc or Dinner in White well you're in for a treat. For a little background history Diner En Blanc was started about 30 years ago by Francois Pasquier and some friends in nowhere other than Paris. This is an annual gathering of people who buy a ticket, wear the perfect all white outfit and then dine and party like kings and queens. The concept of it all “Bring a meal, bring a new friend”. It's basically a huge outdoor picnic taking place during the summer months, add on a bunch of style and class and you’ve got yourself  a Diner En Blanc. The event usually takes place in some beautiful and well known part of the city and now that i've got your attention, keep reading to figure out how you can attend this crazy cool event in style.  

 Diner en Blanc in Old Port, Montreal         source: fr.canoe.ca

Where Is Diner En Blanc?

Now you may be wondering where exactly this awesome event takes place and the answer is all over the world. Diner En Blanc takes place in over 70 cities around the world, some in North America would include New York City, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Toronto and we are fortunate enough to be one of those amazing cities. This will be Montreal’s 8th edition of Diner en Blanc and it has become a very well known event that gets a lot of hype. Now the only thing we can't tell you is the exact location, as every year it is in a new "secret"  place and you don’t find out the location until about an hour before the event. This makes the event that much more exclusive and fun. Once your group  has purchased their tickets, you will be given further information you’ll need to know to make this the best night yet!

Guests eating at Diner en Blanc  source: theculinarytravelguide.com 

How do I get Invited?

One of the most asked questions is how to get invited. There are several ways that you can go about attending Diner En Blanc; getting invited by someone who has attended before or signing up for the waiting list. Getting invited by someone is common because each registration includes two people, so that gives you more of a chance in attending in that way. Now being on the waiting list can be a bit of a pain in the butt, but it’s necessary as Diner en Blanc values quality over quantity with their event. If you do end up on the waiting list, don’t give up hope, it’s just a way for them to make the event much more enjoyable and that much more exclusive. Worst comes to worst you can always check craigslist as sometimes people will sell their tickets online leading up to the event. If you were wondering how much tickets/registration costs were it ranges from $33 to $39. These prices include entertainment such as a Dj, the dance floor and all.

People Dining at Diner en Blanc     source: theurbanist.com

Why You Should Attend Diner En Blanc

Now you may be questioning if this event is really for you ? Well let me tell you that it most certainly is. There are so many reasons why one should attend this event, most importantly though, you should attend this event because it's a great social event, it’s a great place to meet new people, and make more contacts. Another reason would be to  test out your all white style, show everyone all your fashionable talents. Diner en Blanc is also a very interactive event where you and your guests bring your own gourmet meal, your own table, chairs and everything. This makes the whole experience more interesting, as you get to enjoy something you set up yourself. And lastly to enjoy an amazing experience that you might  never get to experience otherwise. Diner en Blanc is really different because you feel really special and exclusive being at such an event. Not only will the exclusive outdoor location make you feel special but also it will make you feel a bit "Upper Class". That's not something everyone gets everyday. It's cool to be part of such a big event that goes on in so many other places in the world. Who wouldn't like to eat, drink, and be apart of a huge party?

Guests celebrating with sparklers at Diner en Blanc Montreal     source: quebec.huffingtonpost.ca

What Do You Wear To Diner en Blanc? 

Now the biggest question you may have about this event is "What do I wear?". Well since the event is called "Diner En Blanc", all white must be worn. But this isn't just an event for any old white t-shirt this event is for you to dress your best! Now you may be wondering who has all white accessories? Well don't worry we've got your back! We are selling special boxes just for this specific event to make sure you are looking your absolute best in all white. Including all your accessories needs for such an event. Make sure to grab your own box here. Now this event is considered to be an elegant and tasteful setting. They say originality is always encouraged. As long as it white and stylish!

Male guest show off their all white outfits at Diner en Blanc       source: stylebyfire.ca

Now that you have all the inside scoop I encourage you to get involved and get invited ASAP! This is a great opportunity for you and some pals to add something really cool and different to your bucket list for this summer. It’s a really great opportunity to be apart of something unique and party hard. Did I mention that this event also includes a dance floor and some sick sparklers?! I guess you’ll have to go and find out. Finally if you do find yourself at this awesome event please make sure you stop by our booth and say Hi. We have some pretty cool things up our sleeve that you don’t want to miss out on.