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10 Men's Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have.


Checker Mens Tie

The tie is the quintessential men’s fashion accessory and every man should have at least one in their wardrobe. Adding a tie quickly dresses up any look and a simple navy silk tie looks well with most suits and blazers. Learn more on how to pick out YOUR perfect tie here!

Tie Bar

Tie bar Check Raise.jpg

A tie bar is used to keep a tie secured to a shirt, but these little items can drastically change the look of a suit; while adding a touch of gentlemanly class. The slim tie and tie bar is the new cool.


Bow Tie

red bow tie

Bow ties were once only worn during formal occasions, but times are changing. Bow ties in bold, bright patterns and prints are being worn by men during a variety of different occasions, both formal and informal. Find out more about bow ties and how to wear them here

Money Clip

Using a money clip is a great way to flash cash while keeping a distinguished look. Money clips are great for those “high rollers” who need quick access to their cash.


Suspenders are by far the most charming of all men’s fashion accessories. They hold up your pants, look good with jeans and suits and come in a variety of styles and degrees of formality.

Fancy Socks

Orange Socks

Socks have been a men’s fashion staple for centuries. Not only are they essential for a polished look, high quality socks also give you the opportunity to showcase your personality, play with color or make a bold fashion statement.

Pocket Square

pocket square

Not to be confused with the handkerchief, pocket squares instantly add a dapperly charm to any look and give you an opportunity to play with color or make a bold statement. If you're trying to figure out how to wear a pocket square and need some pointers click here.


Cuff Links

mustache cufflinks

No accessory has more elegance or class than cufflinks. Just wearing a pair of cufflinks makes you look more wealthy, distinguished and worthy of respect.


Wood sunglasses

Sunglasses are the epitome of cool and can add style to any ensemble. The best thing about sunglasses is that come in a variety of different styles, from the classic aviator to the eco-friendly wooden frame; which means that there is a pair for every look or occasion. Learn more about these cool shades here.


Colored Shoe Laces

Shoelaces come in more colors than the usual black, white and assorted shades of neutral tones and men should take advantage of adding a few pairs of colored laces to their wardrobes. Colored laces add a striking contrast to gray and black suits and can be used to play up boring, old shoes.


Make sure you have at least one of each in your wardrobe. The next step is matching them to exude awesomeness, but that's another story my friends...


Parlour club matched box



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