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A wallet is a man’s best friend

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You may or may not put much thought into it, but the wallet you carry says a lot about you and your lifestyle. Can you get away with just a card-holder? Or do you need more of a coin holder style wallet? Let see what is out there. Here are the top 5 wallet styles.

trifold wallet

A trifold wallet is pretty self-explanatory. There are three sections to this wallet and they tend to be a little bulky because of it. This isn't the most convenient type of wallet by far since there isn't exactly a place for loose change. Who keeps change anyway? Well me. But truth is that nowadays we've gotten so used to using our cards, that some people don't need a place for change.


bifold wallet

A bifold wallet is probably the most popular of the bunch. They're simple, sleek, and can hold quite a bit. With one less section than the trifold, you get a little less room. These are extremely common among men because they provide just enough space and are still comfortable to carry around.


Parlour club money clip

A money clip is what happens when you reduce a wallet to its simplest expression. It's simply a clip to go over your cash to keep it together, great for nights out when you want to keep you credit card away from temptation. It's very handy for keeping bills organized and in place.


Card Holder

The card holder wallet is the sleekest wallet you'll find. It's just a sleeve of material meant to hold cards. Since there is a sleeve, I'm sure you can also get away will keeping a small number of bills in there. You can also opt for a shielded card holder to avoid getting hacked by digital pick-pockets.


coin holder

Lastly, the coin holder wallet. This wallet is basically one or two large pouches. There's absolutely no organization. It's meant for loose change and I suppose you could keep bills in the pockets as well if you really needed to. It is the most romantic one of the list, kinds of reminding you of your grandfather counting coins to buy bread and news paper. (Yes that time existed).


Your wallet goes far beyond its mere functionality; it is part of your outfit and style. The time of the massive bulk in your back pocket is gone (slow clap), but most likely you will need more than one wallet depending on the situation and what you really need to carry at that time. I know, some consider a rubber band around a roll of notes a wallet, but that is another story my friends...

Rubber band Clip
photo credits: Flickr, Pxleyes



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