• Sep 10, 2015
  • by The Dealer

There was a time when suspenders were only for Bobo the clown and Larry King, but after entering clandestinely and suffering public shaming, Suspenders are back and they are here to stay. Before going any further there are two golden rules to wearing suspenders, and they apply to all sentient beings living on this earth:

Rule #1: You can't Have it All

One shall NEVER, and this under no circumstances or possible state of emergency, wear belt and suspenders at the same time.

Rule #2: Really though, Don't Try

Refer to rule N°1

How to Look Great in Suspenders

That being said, let's move on (but not forget) to a few tips that will help you look your best in your suspenders.

First, let's see the different types of suspender attachments. There are finger clips, trigger snaps, and button options galore. Suspenders are one of these accessories where extravagance is always a plus. Deciding which method to go with when keeping your trousers up isn't that difficult. It's all about taste and in my opinion; buttons are the new cool. I feel like they look better and more put-together.

 Finger Clip Suspenders

Finger Clip suspenders

Mens Button Suspenders

Button Suspenders

Trigger Clips Suspenders

Trigger Clip Suspenders


Why Men Should Wear Suspenders

You know what kind of pants to wear but you don't want anything to come below your natural waistline. Suspenders are designed to stay at that level, above your waistline. Here’s a pro tip: if you're a heavier man; suspenders will be more flattering to your silhouette than a belt. With a belt, your pants will hang below your stomach, which can accentuate that feature. Suspenders allow you to keep your pants at your normal waist height!

Because sometimes small lies are better than big the truth, I lied. Yes dear friends, readers and passer-byes, I lied. But I did it with reason. There is actually a third rule to suspenders, but this rule has been buried and all its followers banished from the kingdom of style. This rule stated: " One shall never expose its suspenders to the sight of common people, as one shall not show his underwear". This is just plain B&!!# S&@# !!! You have to shine your suspenders, shine them like those 20' rims on any Chevy impala with an ounce of self-respect. Yes you can have a jacket on top of them but it is not because you are ashamed, it is just because you are cold. 

What are Common Sizes for Suspenders?

You can get suspenders in two different width: Skinny and Wide. Skinny suspenders are more playful and come in a larger variety of materials, and thus work better with casual styles. Wide suspenders are more associated with the Wall Street style (thank you Gordon Gekko!), so they work really well in a professional environment.

As I was commenting earlier, in the world of accessories for men, suspenders are worn to make a fashion statement and you have to go all in if you want to stand out from the rest. Now we can expect to witness a come back of the sock garter in a close future, but this is another story my friends....