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3 reasons why your next pair of sunglasses should have wooden frames

Sunglasses are quintessential accessories, especially in men’s fashion. Depending on the style, sunglasses can give you a sleek, polished look or add to the ultimate bad boy image. Somehow, sunglasses have the ability to boost swagger levels to an all-time high; while providing your eyes with UV protection. If you’re in the market for a fresh new pair of shades, it may be challenging to find a unique set without looking too trendy or geeky. Looking to ditch the Aviators? Here are 3 reasons why your next pair of sunglasses should have wooden frames.


Discernibly Stylish

The panaroma of sunglasses hasn’t changed a lot the past decade and finding an original pair of sunglasses without ending up with the tackiest design is almost impossible. So why not go for  wood rimmed sunglasses? When you put on a pair of wooden sunglasses your look is instantly given a more natural, earthy tone; while remaining masculine and stylish. You can still get favorite designs such as wayfarer wood sunglasses with a whole new feel and look.

Light weight

When first tried many will be surprised by their weight; Wooden frames are lightweight, don’t be fooled by the fact that your grandmother’s table weighs a ton, when using the right essence of wood they are lighter than plastic frames.


Are they durable? Hell yeah!! This is wood my friends, with the proper care, they can last a lifetime. This is an added bonus, because wood frames are a timeless men’s fashion accessory. Wooden frames are undoubtedly stylish, but they provide a hip look without being too trendy or Hipster chic.

 Wooden Sunglasses on a metal shelf | Parlour.Club

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

We care more and more  how the products we consume affects the environment. Most of the sunglasses nowadays are made of synthetic material that pollute all along the production process and because they cannot be totally recycled they keep on polluting beyond their lifetime. Well wood can be sustainably sourced if the right essences are chosen; also some wooden sunglasses are made out of reclaimed wood. The other very positive aspect is that wood is biodegradable, making wooden sunglasses the more environmentally friendly eye-wear choice. Wood is also non-toxic; which is great for those who suffer from plastic allergies. Most companies that are manufacturing wooden sunglasses and frames are doing so in ways that are renewable, reduce harmful emissions and overall, better for the environment.


Undeniably Unique

When you purchase a genuine pair of wood sunglasses, you’re getting an original piece of art brought to by Mother Nature herself. Different types of wood are used; from Walnut and Mahogany to Bamboo, Maple and Oak; the types of wood grain tones and finishes is endless. No two pieces of wood are the same, this makes it easy to find wooden frames that are one of a kind and compliment your personal style.


Appearance alone is enough reason to run out and snag a new pair of wooden sunglasses. Not only do they look good, they’re Eco-friendly and available in a variety of different woods and styles. Make a statement with your next pair of sunglasses by switching over to wooden frames.


Note: this post has been updated April 2016

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