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10 Men's Fashion Bloggers That We Love

These days you can find just about anything on the internet but the problem becomes finding the most reliable and resourceful sites and blogs. That is why today we have put together a list of our top 10 Men’s Fashion Bloggers not in any specific order just so you can make sure to stay looking your best with the help of our friends. These top 10 blogs have been carefully picked to really help our readers get the best style advice and fashion inspiration from some of the most stylish bloggers around the world. Enjoy!

1.Mr Caveliere

Jonathan Cavaliere, the Mr. Cavaliere man himself. This guy sure knows fashion. This Toronto based blogger touches on anything and everything in the men’s fashion department and he was even awarded the title of “Canada’s Sharpest Man”. How could you not trust his amazing style and tips with a title like that?
This guy made our list of 10 Favorite Bloggers because he represents everything Parlour Club. He really captures every essence of the word dapper and we really enjoy his content.

Screenshot of Mr Caveliere blog


2. He Spoke Style 

This Fashion dude noticed a void in the online men’s fashion world and decided to take charge and do something about it. Now he has this amazing men’s fashion blog and is killing it! He provides great fashion information and also inspiration.
We think he deserved to be on this list because his passion for fashion (excuse the cheesy saying) and his want to inspire others and help everyone dress beautifully.

He spoke style blog screenshot


3. What My Boyfriend Wore

This blogger started blogging when his girlfriend at the time starting taking pictures and documenting his outfits. You know he must be well dressed when his girlfriend is even proud. This guy posts about his outfits and also some cool events he attends in these bomb outfits. Looks like hes living life to the fullest!

What my Boyfriend wore blog screenshot


4. Dappered 

 Dappered is also a well know men's fashion blog that is packed with information and helpful posts. They give you all the information you need and when you need it. You can basically answer any of your fashion needs here. Another thing we love about this blog is that they have a section for money conscious people, as some blogs just talk about clothes right off the runway. For the average guy looking for some fashion help hes not going to want to spend too much, so it's great that they give that option for those who need it. screenshot of the dappered website


5. Fashion Beans

Fashion Beans is a very reliable men’s fashion as they really strive to keep up with absolutely everything in men’s fashion and keep you looking amazing, ALWAYS. It doesn’t just stop at fashion for this blog. This is a one stop shop. Their blog also includes sections that cover mens lifestyle, grooming, hair, and a whole section specially for watches. This blog can definitely satisfy all your needs.
We really liked this blog because of their depth and how detailed and helpful each and every post is. And like any man, we love the whole one stop shop thing, get in and get out.

 fashion beans website screenshot

6. Style Girlfriend

This blog is really great as you are getting the perspective from the person you want to impress most, women! This blog is offers friendly advice to all men from a female's perspective, but not just on fashion, on food, fitness,travel and home too! It's nice to see a different perspective and know what girls really think about men's fashion. 

style girlfriend website screenshot

7. Well Spent 

Well Spent is a fashion blog that focuses on the basics to all mens clothing. It's great because instead of posting things right off the runway he posts things for your more average Joe. Although this blog doesn't really go all that well with our more fancier fashion accessories, all great outfits need to start with the basics. So this is a great blog for starters. 

well spent website screenshot

8. High Style Life

This blog isnt just about fashion, it's more about all the little pleasures in life. They still like to cover fashion & lifestyle but just in a more thoughtful and unique way. This blog isn't your typical fashion blog but that's what makes it so great! 

website screenshot

9. Fashion Nights 

Created by a fashion insider, this is our go to blog about news in the fashion industry. They have everything from launches and runway shots to photo shoots and previews to global fashion news. This blog for our more high fashion lovers and people that are interested in the newest of the new trends and designs.

Fashion Nights website screenshot

10. Toronto Is Fashion

Toronto is Fashion is our go to blog for lifestyle. It covers fashion news and events of the industry extremely well, but also has great articles about topics like beauty and travel. Obviously it was curated for the Toronto scene but has gained much traction since then and has gained a lot of praise.Toronto is Fashion website screenshot


Well that concludes our list of some of our favorite Men's fashion bloggers. Although it was hard to only pick 10 , we encourage you to explore these blogs and others you find. Get inspired and run with it! 

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