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Top 10 of The Most Stylish Older Men and Women

Who says that style has an age? Many people forget that the older folk can rock a stylish outfit just like any of the rest of us. Today we have compiled a list of the most stylish seniors around, not in any particular order.  Let's take a look. 

 1. Iris Apfel 

This 94 year old puts all of us to shame when it comes to fashion. She is a well known fashion Icon and even stars in her own documentary. Nothing can stop her. 

headshot of Iris Apfel source: www.swarovskigroup.com


2.¬†G√ľnther Anton Krabbenh√∂ft

Apparently this man is 104 years old but that aint stopping him from being the most dapper grandpa. He says that he always dresses this way because he "wants to look at himself with joy".  Props to you Sir, Keep it coming!a side picture of Gunthers outfit

source: www.scoopwhoop.com 

3. Zelda Kaplan

This New York Fashionista is one to really catch your eye. It's never a dull moment with this one!

Zelda Kaplan Source: www.alchetron.com   

4. Don Cherry 

Now you probably recognized this handsome devil from nothing other than hockey night in Canada. You can always count on Don Cherry for having a different suit every single time. He never ceases to surprise me.

Don Cherry in a pink floral suit Source: huffingtonpost.com

5. Debra Rapoport 

This artist has a thing for fashion and she's not afraid to show it. She knows that style has no age and shes not afraid to rock whatever look she pleases. 

Debra Rapoport picturesource: seniorplanet.org 

6. Paul Mason 

This male model may be older but he sure knows how to wow the ladies. Mason is now famous for being in various magazine but especially for his "Fashion Santa" Campaign with the Yorkdale shopping center. People could not get enough of him!

Paul Mason fashion santa
Source: fancycrime.com

7. Jacqueline Murdock

This beauty is an unbelievable 82 years young but that didn't stop her from being in designer Lavin 's new ad campaign. She also stars in the documentary Advanced Style that show cases her fashionista lifestyle. 

Jacqueline Murdock in Lavin ad campaign source: buzzfeed.com

8. Ilona Smithkin 

Artist, performer and definitely a Fashionista! 

Ilona smithkin portraitSource:advanced.style.com 


Next we have this amazing dandy. This man is not afraid to add a little pop of color to his outfits and obviously doesn't mind being seen by any street style photographers. 

Vanni fashion profile source:http://bit.ua/

10. Aiden Shaw 

This British author, musician and model knows what's up. Even his hair scream stylish! It's obvious that hes aged well. 

Aiden shaw photoshootsource: liamdryden.tumblr.com

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