2 bow ties with a color blocking background
  • May 17, 2016
  • by The Dealer

Bow Ties are cool

As a famous character would say "Bow Ties are cool". Bow ties have been around for ages. Since the 17th century to be exact. These men's accessories are well known for formal occasions. What isn't so well-known, though, is the types of bow ties. Many people think of your standard bow tie as the only type of bow tie. Really, there are 5 different shapes. Let's see what there is to know about Bow Ties, and how you can make the best of of it.


Self tied vs Pre tied vs Clipped

In terms of tying, there are 3 types of Bow Ties, and honestly it would be deemed as cheap to a bow tie connoisseur to have a pre-tied Tie, but  when it comes to bow ties it actually does not make a lot of difference. It's mainly about convenience and your own tying skills. It's all about testing the waters and seeing what works for you and your style.

Self Tied Bow Tie

Some people call them "freestyle" this is the genuine Bow Tie, the one that you have to learn how to tie by yourself. Why would you go through the hassle? Because they look better and more natural, and truth is that it is not that difficult to learn how to tie them. The best perk, is that you can untie it at the end of the night and live it hanging, and this actually looks uber cool. Wearing one of these bad boys , whether tied or untied will instantly give you more self-pride and will also show everyone else how skilled you are! These bow ties are more importantly for more formal attire as wearing a pre-tied bow-tie will instantly cheapen the look of your whole outfit and will really take away from the look you are trying to achieve. 

Self tied Bow tie | Sketch

Pre Tied Bow Tie

You can really get away with a pre tied bow tie, only die hard bow tie orthodox will be able to tell the difference. The knot is sewn and you just have to clip the string around your collar. The great thing about them, is that you can put them on in a question of seconds and they are perfect for men that wait last minute to get ready and are in a rush. Pre tied bow ties are better for more semi-formal or casual attire. This is the times where you can begin to experiment with different textures, colors and patterns. 

Pre tied Bow Tie Sketch | Parlour.Club

Clipped Bow Tie

There is only two reasons why you would want to use a Clipped bow tie: either you are claustrophobic or you are 8 years old, so if you don't belong to any of these 2 categories please use the self tied or the pre tied bow tie. Clipped Bow ties consist of a clip that you fit in your collar, but the issue is that they really look fake, so please avoid them. Enough said. 

How to tie a bow tie Knot

Whereas ties that can be tied in a multitude of tie knots; there is more than 30 different knots and people are still coming with new creative knots. There is actually only one way to tie your bow tie, an it applies to all types of bow ties.

We have prepared for you a beautiful infographics showing you the step by step of how to easily tie a bow tie knot. Click on the following link to have the full descriptions of the Bow tie Knot.


The Bow Tie Shapes You Must Know 

Butterfly Bow Tie.

The butterfly shape is most common of all the bow ties. This shape is the shape you imagine when you think about bow ties in general. These bow ties are usually 2.3 inches tall and will most likely compliment any face shape, and yes face shape is something you should consider. This bow tie shape is also very versatile and perfect for almost any occasion you’ll be attending. This bow tie shape is just so commonly used that its a great starting point for any newbies in the bow tie area and will easily put you on the path to success. 
Butterfly Bow tie sketch | Parlour.Club

The Big Butterfly Bow Tie

The big butterfly is quite larger than the butterfly-shaped bow tie but has a more relaxed silhouette to it.The big butterfly bow tie is usually around three inches tall. These bow ties are made for very formal occasions because of the size and how extravagant they are, they really make a statement.  This is the type of bow tie you wear to a wedding, and not just a casual dinner. 
Big Butterfly Bow Tie sketch | Parlour.Club

The Rounded Club Bow Tie

The rounded club bow tie isn’t one you see often and has a shape like no other. They’re more rounded whereas a bow tie is usually flat. If you like attracting attention with an unusual accessory, this is the bow tie for you. Wearing such a bow tie and actually being able to pull it off will really show everyone just how skilled you are in the fashion department. This bow tie could also be a great conversation starter. This type of bow tie would be great to wear to any event as long as you style it the right way.
Rounded Club Bow Tie sketch | Parlour.Club

The Diamond Point Bow Tie

The diamond point bow tie has a name that describes exactly what it looks like. The ends come to a diamond shape instead of being straight, giving it a very formal look. These bow ties are more common than the rounded club, however, they are still not as common as the butterfly bow tie. These bow ties are also known to make a statement and will really show others that you know what you're doing. Like I said these bow ties really give off a more formal look so they could be sported to any formal event you may have.
Diamond  Point Bow Tie sketch | Parlour.Club

The Slim Bow Tie

The slim bow tie is the cleanest looking bow tie of the bunch. These bad boys are usually less than two inches tall but underestimate them. They are small but mighty. These bow ties are also known as the Batwing. With a name like that I don't know how you could feel anymore confident. It will have you looking more handsome than Mr Bruce Wayne himself. The slim bow tie is best for an event that isn’t too formal, yet it could still pass for formal attire depending on how you style it. 
Slim Bow Tie sketch | Parlour.Club

Single-End Bow Tie

The classiest and most formal bow-tie is the single-ended bow tie or single end bow tie. As it's name describes it a single ended bow tie has only one end, this way it is totally adjustable to your own neck size and also making it look perfect with a wing up collar. The single end bow tie should be worn with a tuxedo or a tailcoat. 
Bow ties are a timeless men’s accessory for any formal occasion. Whether it’s a black tie event or your high school prom, there are all different shapes of bow ties.
These different bow ties are great for different occasions and matching different physical features. When picking which bow tie to go with, it’s very important to do your research and pick one that will be flattering. So now that your are ten times more educated on the Bow tie, you are now free! Good luck hunting for your very own perfect bow tie.