1970 men's fashion - 3 men with flower shirts
  • Apr 12, 2016
  • by The Dealer

Men’s fashion was not built without its faire share of accidents, need a proof? look at this cringe worthy collection. And before we let you enjoy, just make sure that you clean your Instagram page; some of your pics might make our future selves cringe.


#1 Hey brother from another mother!

1970's men's fashion 2 men with flower shirt

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#2 Even Saul Goodman would be impressed by this one!!

1970 men's fashion -  3 men wearing 7à's outfit, one wearing a hat

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#3 Awkwardness level: Cannot compute!!

1970 men's fashion - man in wool jacket holding a white chicken

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#4 Even pimps had they own catalogues.

  1970 men's fashion - 4 men with hats wearing suits

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#5 When your agent tells you that this photoshoot will launch your career.

2 men in blue and silver gown

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#6 We let you find the caption for this one, the best one will be displayed.

(Post your caption as a comment)

1970 men's fashion -men in underwear

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# 7 Your face when they tell you that baggy jean will soon take over.

 1970 men's fashion - 3 men wearing slim pants

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#8 Wrong at so many levels.

1970 men's fashion - Several men in mesh underwear

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#9 Funtawear, Best tag line ever!

1970's fashion - people in underwear



#10 When Chuck Norris starts a fashion brand.

 1970 men's fashion - men's jean collection

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#11 There is something creepy about the picture…

1970 men's fashion - 4 men in different outfits

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#12 When you lose a bet! There is no other explanation possible.

 1970 men's fashion -  2 men in full underwear

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#13 One question, why the hat??

1970 men's fashion - 3 men in 70's outfit - one wearing hat 

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#14 When your artistic director goes wrong!!

1970 men's fashion - 4 men dress matching with sheeps

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