• Apr 22, 2016
  • by The Dealer
It’s only a belt right? It holds up your pants. What could be more to it? Well actually, there is a lot more that should go into how you choose a belt to wear with your outfit. Most of us know the basics, never wear a black belt with brown shoes and vice versa. This is very true, but there are also a few other little details that are important in belt selection. The color, length, buckle and style are all aspects that you need to consider when picking out a belt to wear.

 4 different sized brown belts

Source: Be Stylish

How to Choose the Right Belt Size.

Let start with the beginning, you need to get the size of your belt right. Belts usually are measured in the same length sizes as pants, with dress belts being a tad bit longer on the tail end. A good rule of thumb is to choose a belt that is a size or two larger than your actual pant size, so let’s say your waist size is 36 then you should get a 38 inches belt, simple, right? You should be able to find belts ranging from 27 to 48 inches long, this way you won’t have a belt that’s too long and needs to be wrapped around your waist more than once, which is never a good look.

 belt sizing chart

Source: Nixon

Dress Belts vs. Casual Belts

The world of the belts is divided in two categories, on one side you have the Dress belts that you would wear with a formal suit and on the other side you have the belts that you would wear with everything else or better called the Casual belts.


two men styling a brown belt and a black belt

source: Apparel Illustrated


Dress belts are usually made of leather (if you want a quality one) and come equipped with small, narrow gold or silver buckles. These belts are narrower; they are between 1 inch and 1½ inch wide. Color wise, dress belts come in black or brown with a glossy finish. How do you match your dress belt with your outfit? Well the answer is pretty easy, look at your shoes, your belt should be the same color as your shoes. So if your dress shoes are black then your belt should be black too. In term of versatility, black is the go to, as brown color is more difficult to match with different outfits.

 two dress belts stacked on top of each other

source: Shi Over Seas 


Casual belts have a wide variety of buckles and may come in a variety of different colors and material. When it comes to really express your style and personality casual belts are the main men’s fashion accessories. So even before thinking of adding any other accessory, you should think about your belt first. Here is a quick list of the different belts that you can choose from.


Braided Belt

Braided belts are worn usually during the summer, the great thing about them is that you can adjust them to your very own size, as they don’t have specific holes. They can be made of leather but lately the synthetic ones are trendier as their elasticity gives them a perfect fit in terms of size and they offer a wide variety of color.

Three braided belts stacked on top of each other, one is brown, one is nude and one is navy

Source: Orvis


Snap Belt

Use a snap belt if you want to customize it with your own buckle, their won’t be two people with the same belt. But beware while having a custom belt buckle is awesome to show your personality, it is really easy to make a style mistake.

a brown snap belt


Clip buckle Belt

They are cheap and usually made of textile; they are great because they come in infinity of colors and patterns so you can have various of these to match different outfits. They work well with a casual/street style.

  a black clip buckle belt with a silver buckle

Source: Tera Peak

Belt Styling Basics

When deciding on what belt to wear, you should try your best to keep the belt coordinated with the entire outfit and any other men’s fashion accessories that you’re wearing. If you’re sporting canvas sneakers, your belt should be made of a similar cloth material in a color that compliments. As always you need to find the right balance between sticking tot the rues and being creative. For example you can pull a Dress belt with a pair of jean if you are wearing a blazer. Wearing jewelry? Your belt buckle should be the same color or finish as the jewelry that you’re wearing. The only exception being a wedding ring.

four guys posing with their outfits and showing off their belts

Source: Stunner Daily


You always want to have your belts properly stored just for the sake of tidiness but also because you want to be able to choose quickly while getting dressed up. Get a belt organizer or a belt rack! here are few examples, there is no right or wrong answer on this one, it all depends on your taste and wardrobe set up.


Belt organizer. 3 belts hanging from a hook.

source: pinterest


Belt organizer - several belts hanging from a coat hanger DIY

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So to summarize here are the 5 belts you should own, obviously these would be the more versatile belts that you could wear in any situation and matching with most of the colors.
  • Black Dress Belt
  • Brown Dress Belt.
  • A Braided belt.
  • A Casual leather belt.
  • A colored Clip buckle belt.
There’s more to a belt than the buckle and the material. As you’ve read, all this and more plays apart in how well styled and put-together you look when wearing a belt. These basic belt wearing rules are simple, but they are important as a belt can make or break your entire look.