• Mar 13, 2016
  • by The Dealer

Whether are not you’re a fan of AMC’s hit show “Mad Men”, you’re more than likely aware of its main character, Don Drapper, played by actor John Ham. The show centers on Drapper, an advertising executive on Madison Ave. in 1960’s New York. The show not only sheds light on the dealings of a 60’s era advertising firm, it also brings classic American men’s fashion to the fore front. “Mad Men” style is now gaining popularity as more men strive to accomplish Don Drapper’s effortless and sophisticated style.


Don Drapper – A Men’s Fashion Icon

All the show’s male characters are dressed impeccably, but the focus on Drapper’s life both in and out of the office has made this character a modern day fashion icon. From well-tailored American suits to polo shirts, Drapper is the epitome of classic men’s fashion at all times. The character is always elegantly and appropriately dressed for any occasion, which is the key to Don Drapper style.
Want to pull of “Mad Men” fashion, but not sure where to begin? Here are simple tips that serve as your guide to the Don Drapper style.



A Guide to Don Drapper Style

Get Tailored – Nothing says “I’m a classic man” more than well-fitted clothes and custom made suits. Baggy, oversized clothing is a big no in “Mad Men” style. When going for the Don Drapper look, choose clothing that hugs the body snuggly and that possess flattering, masculine lines.
The Details Are in the Accessories – Don Drapper is not a flashy man, but he often wears accessories that add a subtle, sophisticated touch to his attire. Pocket squares, overcoats, plain ties, fedoras, and simple cuff links are accessory staples in Drapper’s wardrobe.
Be Confident – The ultimate tip for Don Drapper style is to be confident. Wearing clothes that look good and fit well will help you step out into the world with confidence, without being cocky.

No other show highlights men’s fashion more than “Mad Men.” The emphasis on Don Drapper and his confident swagger, has made “Mad Men” fashion the look to imitate and achieve. Sophistication, class and elegance are also attributes of the Don Drapper style. Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have what it takes to pull off a modernized version of the Don Drapper style.